Occupational health engagement combined with experience and science

Our concept

SALUTION helps to maintain the health of employees and reduce costs in the company through

SALUTION ICON: Symbol für Gesundheit

Reduction of sick days

SALUTION ICON: Symbol für Gesundheit

Lower fluctuation

SALUTION ICON: Symbol für Gesundheit

Higher Productivity

According to salutogenesis (Antonovsky), SALUTION examines aspects in your company that are important for the development and maintenance of health. Using a valid but simple and comprehensible scientific method, an employee survey can identify those aspects in your company that contribute to an increase in health and to lower fluctuation – and thus to high cost savings on the company side! We also offer to conduct a psychological risk assessment in accordance with § 5 of the German Occupational Health and Safety Act.
SALUTION offers you compact and at the same time action-oriented solutions from a single source.

Focus on prevention

In our predictive model, SALUTION measures your employees’ stress levels, health and turnover intention. We show what costs will be incurred within one year if no countermeasures are taken. In doing so, we identify specific areas for action. This allows you to act preventively and avoid sickness costs, loss of productivity and unwanted fluctuation.

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Legal obligation
Judge hammer as a symbol of the legal obligation of health

Since 2013, it has been mandatory for every employer in Germany to conduct a risk assessment, that takes into account mental stress in the workplace (§ 5 of the German Occupational Health and Safety Act). SALUTION offers you the know-how and the necessary tools to accompany your company in fulfilling this legal obligation.

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All from one source

We offer you all services from one source: From consulting on the selection of the survey module, preparation of the employee survey, implementation, evaluation to results presentations and action workshops. In addition, we offer individual, team or management coaching.

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Scientifically validated

The SALUTION method is based on the MEHQ, a questionnaire developed by Dr. Bettina Zweck: http://www.mehq.de. The method allows significant statistical predictions, as well as internal and external benchmarking.

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Competent team

Our team consists of experienced market and social researchers with a focus on occupational health.

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