Hammer as a symbol of the legal duty of a PRA

Since 2013, the conduction of a risk assessment that takes into account psychosocial risks in the workplace (PRA) has been mandatory for every employer in Germany (Section 5 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act). Failure to do so may result in penalties (including those imposed by the trade supervisory office). The German Occupational Health and Safety Act also prescribes a concrete derivation of measures from the results obtained (§4 ArbSchG), as well as the obligation to document the results, the measures carried out and their effectiveness (§6 ArbSchG).

Wondering how it’s all going to work? SALUTION will be happy to support you! We conduct the psychosocial risk assessment on the basis of the MEHQ (Munich Employee Health Questionnaire) developed by Bettina Zweck (http://www.mehq.de). According to its psychometric properties, the MEHQ is the best instrument to date for measuring mental hazards.
The results are documented in clear Power Point slides. If desired, we also conduct action workshops and monitor the effectiveness of the measures via a short PULSE survey.

Glass ball as a symbol for the SALUTION prediction model, which calculates health predictions in addition to PRA
Prediction Module

Through a short employee survey, SALUTION can predict your employees’ health status, turnover intention, and stress levels in the coming year. The results clearly show where you should start to improve the health of your employees, reduce unwanted turnover and minimize the consequences of stress.

In only one value SALUTION shows you the level of the respective load of the whole company or individual teams in the area of “health”, “willingness to change” and “stress level”. It enables a classification in “healthy”, “neutral” or “hazardous” level. At the same time, our results reports allow you to see at a glance which aspects you need to address in order to reduce future costs due to absenteeism or unwanted fluctuation.

Geese as a symbol for the manager module
Manager Module

Due to their special (sandwich) position, managers experience a very specific strain that has not been adequately captured in existing questionnaires to date. For this reason, Bettina Zweck developed a questionnaire module specifically for measuring the working conditions of managers as part of her doctorate and validated it using more than 1,000 respondents from a representative sample (www.mehq.de).

The executive module shows a significant relationship with stress levels, health status, and turnover intention of managers. It can be ordered as a stand-alone module or in combination with PRA or the prediction module.

Gummy bears with distance as a sign of Corona - relevant for PRA
Corona Module

We have newly developed the Corona Module in the course of the everyday presence of the topic “Corona” – not only in the operational context. It consists of five items relating to the employer’s handling of the corona situation, but also to the employee’s own handling of the corona situation, and has already been used successfully in several surveys.

Although it currently seems that Corona, as long as you are not affected yourself, is far away. The mask requirement has fallen in many places and the restrictions have been lifted. And yet corona is present in the workplace context: the increasing proportion of home offices, for example, which can have just as much of an impact on mental health as the (at least latent) fear of infecting one’s employer with the corona virus.

The Corona Module provides a good basis for recording the Corona actual state in order to be prepared for the next Corona wave from the operational side. We recommend to run the Corona Module together with PRA or the Prediction module.

In addition to the PRA surveys, the Prediction & the Corona Module and/or the Leadership Module, we offer additional service packages that you can combine according to your needs. We accompany you even if you have not conducted a survey in advance.

Our service packages – individually combinable

Survey of your employees

You determine the focus of your employee survey. We offer the following survey modules:

  • Psychosocial risk assessment (PRA): 59 questions with approx. 15 minutes survey time
  • Survey with prediction module: 24 questions with approx. 5-10 minutes survey time
  • Survey with manager module: 11 questions with approx. 5 minutes survey time

Each module is a valid measurement tool and delivers business-relevant results. Likewise, for all survey options, we offer a PULSE survey of approximately 3 minutes survey duration, which can be used to verify the effectiveness of the measures taken.

We activate the module you want, provide the survey link and accompany the survey. After conducting a survey, you will receive a short, clear and actionable results report in PowerPoint.

Learn more about our method

PRA as well as individual modules: Presentation of the results

We will present the results of the employee survey in a results presentation. There will be room for questions and discussion. We are also happy to advise you on next steps. The presentation of results usually takes place online, but we are happy to come to you on request.


PRA as well as individual modules: Workshop

In an action workshop, we work with employees to derive measures based on the results of the employee survey and define areas of action and responsibilities. We usually conduct action workshops online, but we can also conduct them on-site if you wish.


As an option, we offer coaching sessions as a follow-up to the employee survey – optionally for individual employeesmanagers or teams. The survey results already provide initial indications of these points at which coaching can be useful in terms of behavioral prevention.



We will be happy to advise you on all content-related questions regarding the method, the implementation of the survey, the follow-up process, the derivation of measures and their sustainable implementation.