SALUTION ICON: Symbol für Gesundheit
Psychosocial risk assessment (§ 5 German Occupational Health and Safety Act)
SALUTION ICON: Symbol für Gesundheit
Prediction of level of stress, health and turnover intention of your employees

Simple, meaningful & comprehensive

Our company name is composed of “Solution” and “Salutogenesis” – a term that goes back to the famous sociologist Antonovsky and describes factors for the development and maintenance of health. We help your company maintain the health of your employees, reduce stress levels and retain your employees in the long term.

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Compact, clear and relevant to action

Our offer includes three options:

On the one hand, we offer all the necessary steps of a psychosocial risk assessment (PRA) in accordance with § 5 of the Geman Occupational Health and Safety Act as well as support in deriving measures (§ 4) with workshops and documentating the results (§ 6).

On the other hand, our Prediction Module uses a short employee survey to predict how your employees’ stress levels, state of health and willingness to change will develop over the next year. Based on the results, which we will be happy to explain to you in a presentation of the results, we can show you specifically where there is a need for action in terms of working conditions. We are happy to support you in implementing the necessary measures with workshops and coaching sessions. In this way, you can act early to preserve the health of your employees and avoid subsequent costs due to lost productivity, sick days and fluctuation.

Last but not least, in our manager module we measure the specific stresses of managers with questions that have been specially developed and validated for the special working conditions of this group of people.

And we won’t leave you alone: throughout the project we will adviseand support you with any questions and problems.

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Valid, meaningful & comprehensible

The psychosocial risk assessment, our prediction module and our manager module are based on an online survey of your employees. Both procedures use a questionnaire that has been specifically developed and validated for conducting a psychosocial risk assessment ( Our prediction module determines how the current working conditions in your company will affect your employees’ health status, turnover intention and stress levels over the next year. From the results provided, the relevant need for action can be seen at a glance.

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Competent, experienced & solution-oriented

Together, we have more than 40 years of experience in employee surveys, future and trend research, as well as workshops and the derivation of measures on the topic of “health in the workplace”.

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More offers

Workplace health promotion: ergoimpuls by Susanne Weber

Susanne Weber, ergoimpuls, has been advising industrial and administrative companies throughout Germany on ergonomic workplace design issues for 30 years.

Service by ergoimpuls:

An ergonomically correctly adjusted workplace keeps you and your back healthy! Ms. Weber supports you with quickly applicable and individual tips for the design of your workplace. This includes the correct adjustment of your computer workstation, as well as all work equipment such as chair, table and screen. When everything is well coordinated with each other and, most importantly, with you, it is the best health care you can practice. Do you need an ergonomic office chair? Ms. Weber can also provide you with expert advice on this topic.

Certified nutritionist and VDOE-certified nutritionist Anja Hassolt offers in the field of nutrition according to § 20 SGB V health days, lectures, seminars, workshops and individual counseling /s for companies in the greater Stuttgart area and online Germany-wide. She designs her nutrition recommendations and cooking workshops individually and flexibly according to the previous knowledge of your employees. The aim is to integrate a healthy diet with pleasure into the daily work of your employees in the long term, so that they remain healthy and productive.

Main topics:

  • Jobfood – Brainfood – Meal Prep
  • Sustainable nutrition (e.g. superfoods exotic vs. regional)
  • Canteen check
  • Mindfulness in nutrition
  • Fasting
  • Anti-inflammatory diet
  • Nutrition for special working conditions (e.g. shift work, field service, training)
  • Online formats (live cooking, interactive web seminars, one-on-one nutrition counseling).

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The concept of SPORTIVATION is based on the latest findings and methods of sports and nutrition sciences, psychology and communication sciences. The young and vital team impresses not only with its dynamic commitment, but also with its extraordinary competence in questions of modern health concepts.

The entire concept is supported by a high level of communication among all SPORTIVATIONS employees. Sensitive and at the same time goal-oriented, the special programs are tailored to the individual user.

  • Holistic workplace health promotion and health management
  • Implementation of measures, seminars and workshops on site and online
  • Participation and leadership of health circles, development and implementation of health awareness in companies
  • Implementation of evaluation measures
  • Large team of exercise, nutrition and relaxation experts
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